Trouble Viewing our 360° Photoshoot Tours?

If you are having trouble viewing our Tours, Please take the time to download the newest brower and set it to enable Java Programs. You will probably, also have to download the Java Virtual Machine plug-in Here. P.S. - These downloads will make surfing the web more enjoyable, as other mutimedia sites will work better. Please select the following brower to download the newest version.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Reseizing Photos:

The first thing you need to do is download the best photo viewer and reseizer on the market,("IrfanView"). The download file is only 427K and when unzipped, there is only one executable file (359K). To resize a photo, open the file, go to "image" directory, and scroll down to "resize/resample"or input "Ctrl + R". To size your image, change the pixel height to 216 pixels, (that is the same as 3 inches). Save the photo in "save as..." and type in the new name. I use the same name with "-sm" (small), or "-th" (thumbnail) attached; then upload the photo to our database. If you would like to add the "button look" to your photo, Go to the "image" directory and scroll down to "effects" and use the "3D Button" effect. This program has many nifty effects, so have fun and try them out!

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